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Innovation, Inspiration, Integration: What To Expect At The 30th Annual Spring Congress

In just under two weeks, the industry’s key experts and influential voices will gather at the critically-acclaimed Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL, for the 30th Annual Spring Congress. We hope you will be joining us for “Eat, Fuel, Heal: Nurturing the Second Brain” between April 29-30 for an all-inclusive weekend exploring the pertinent role of nutrition in optimal health and chronic disease management.

Dedicated to solving clinical problems and bridging critical gaps in medical education, the A4M team has planned this event to offer direct access to leading authorities, the latest practical clinical insights, a wide range of interactive sessions, and much more.

So, what can you expect at the upcoming 30th Annual Spring Congress? Read on to find out.

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What To Expect at the 28th Annual World Congress | The Science of Longevity: Exploring the Limits of the Human Lifespan

A growing understanding of complex cellular processes, burgeoning clinical trial data indicative of revolutionary breakthroughs, and continued research efforts in longevity science have all contributed to numerous advancements in the anti-aging field. As part of our mission to equip healthcare practitioners and medical professionals with the most clinically current and relevant education, we present a revelatory event curated and hosted by world-renowned experts and industry leaders – the A4M 28th Annual World Congress. Taking place between December 12-13, 2020, the premier event will delve into the intricacies of anti-aging innovations while providing participants with a comprehensive update of the regenerative medicine industry.

Hosted via a top-tier virtual platform, this year’s Congress will be delivered right to attendees regardless of their location in the world and will continue to deliver the highest levels of dynamic and interactive advanced continuing medical education. Attendees of the 28th Annual World Congress can expect to experience world-class educational programming, a collaborative environment filled with valuable networking opportunities, as well as a close examination of entrepreneurial and industry-specific insights engineered to empower them to push the boundaries of their practice.

Latest Topics in Anti-Aging Medicine 

Participants of the 28th Annual World Congress <> will have the opportunity to delve into a vast array of topics within longevity science. From the latest discoveries in regenerative and stem cell therapeutics to a comprehensive exploration of the biological trial framework, medical professionals will be expertly guided through the most clinically relevant subjects in the anti-aging world.

Regenerative Therapies

A continued and growing interest from the medical industry has been fueling the scientific investigation of biological aging processes alongside potential strategies for delaying them and preventing age-related diseases. This year’s Congress will encompass recent developments in stem cell research, which have prompted the development of novel therapeutics that show promise in optimizing stem cell treatments, during the first day of the event. Emerging therapies that aim to delay or even reverse cellular degeneration will be explored as their discovery has the potential to help prevent widespread illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and dementia. In addition, this educational track will cover recent clinical data that further solidifies the burgeoning field of peptide science and the potential benefits of such treatments in regenerative medicine. At the conclusion of the day, Joseph Cleaver, MD will lead a session spotlighting patient cases and protocols to offer tangible examples of the many concepts discussed.

The Aging Brain

As part of the Congress, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the current understanding of age-related neurological changes. Taking place during day 1 of the conference, The Aging Brain track will explore pertinent topics in the field, including the NAD+ miracle molecule, recent neuroimaging findings and their implications, as well as breakthrough discoveries that suggest the potential to reverse cognitive decline. During this track, Christopher Shade, PhD will offer a session highlighting effective strategies for elongating health spans titled The Longevity Wheel: A Model for Supplementing Core Biochemical Pathways for Aging Optimization.

Immunocompetency and Aging

Average life-expectancy for humans continues to increase and alongside it the prevalence of age-related disease and functional decline. While the human life span extends further, a growing population of elderly patients is left vulnerable to infectious and chronic disease, resulting in a high level of burden on their health as well as the healthcare system. Providing attendees with a comprehensive examination of one of the most clinically relevant topics today – immunocompetency – Track 2 of the event’s second day will present valuable strategies for practitioners to improve health spans and boost immune competency in their patients as well as themselves. The track will offer insight into alternative methods of immune system support, including herbals and supplements, strategies for reversing autoimmune damage, as well as techniques for advanced wound healing and combating inflammation.

Introducing breakthrough approaches to promoting sustained health in the current pandemic environment, the event will spotlight novel methods for improving the human health span while exploring real-life patient cases under the guidance of faculty experts Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA and James Lavalle, RPh, CCN.

Hormonal Health

The growing importance of hormonal health is becoming an integral component of modern medicine.

During the 28th Annual World Congress, attendees will have the opportunity to attend numerous educational sessions focused on the wide-ranging effects of hormones and hormonal health factors. Topics will include best practices for hormone testing following a data-based approach led by Mark Newman, MS, as well as the evolutionary differences in gender and their role in longevity led by Felice Gersh, MD. Spotlighting the plausible benefits of hormonal factors on autoimmunity, the Potential of Hormones to Improve Immunocompetence and Longevity session led by Thierry Hertoghe, MD.

Triads: A System’s Biology Approach

Alongside the World Congress, Module V Triads: A System’s Biology Approach  will be taking place from December 11-13, 2020. This can’t-miss event will equip clinicians with knowledge of how to evaluate and treat common patient cases using a synthesis of the best clinical practices derived from Modules I-IV. Led by world-renowned experts and industry professionals, this module will investigate the clinical framework of reciprocal relationships between the adrenals-thyroid-pancreas, gut-immune-brain, cardiopulmonary-neuro-vascular, liver-lymph-kidney, and estrogen-progesterone-testosterone.

Attendees will examine patient case histories to explore a wide range of metabolic syndromes, disorders, and diseases to obtain a comprehensive metabolic, functional, and nutritional roadmap of strategies for the management of even the most complex presentations. Module V encompasses natural and hormonal treatment strategies, protocols for treating various systemic pathologies, effective detoxification methods, and approaches to optimizing hormonal health. Upon completion, participants will be able to employ the triad framework and its applications to restore metabolic health and promote resiliency.

As the largest event in regenerative medicine, A4M’s 28th Annual World Congress will present an expertly curated agenda of the latest education necessary for clinicians to remain at the forefront of clinical practice. Joined by other leaders in the field, conference attendees will obtain a comprehensive overview of current knowledge in longevity science and leave equipped with invaluable industry insight, revolutionary clinical strategies, as well as an expanded network of fellow medical professionals seeking to optimize modern healthcare.

What to Expect at the 2020: Medicine Revolutionized | Longevity, Aging, and Immuno Competency Event

Our latest online virtual conference 2020: Medicine Revolutionized | Longevity, Aging and Immuno Competency (LAIC) is taking place next week, August 21 & 22. This revelatory event will connect healthcare professionals with the latest clinical education to support the current and changing needs of patients and clinicians alike. At our novel educational event, world-renowned faculty members will provide a strategic clinical roadmap for practitioners looking to improve their patients’ health spans, relieve unwanted symptoms of aging, and boost their immune competency.

With an emphasis on participant engagement, live-streamed sessions will enable attendees to interact directly with leading experts in the industry throughout the duration of the conference; they will be able to ask questions and receive answers from faculty members in real-time. Using an interactive, easy-to-navigate virtual format, our integrative educational conference will connect clinicians from across the globe with leading healthcare experts in the setting of their choosing to deliver critical, strategic principles of anti-aging and integrative medicine.

The Latest Clinical Topics in Integrative Medicine

Neuroresiliency and Issues

During the first session of the LAIC event, experts will lead participants through the most clinically current and relevant topics within the field of neuro resiliency including neuroinflammation and its effects on neurodegeneration, an in-depth look at the TBI-neuro-immune axis stressor, as well as cellular responses to stress and their connection to chronic disease. As the final component, the session will explore a comprehensive approach to psychiatric illness as tied to neurological issues. 

Endocrine, Hormonal Effects on Immune System 

The second session of day 1 will cover the wide-ranging effects of hormones on the immune system, including the association between the endothelial glycocalyx and vascular health, the impact of immune factors on cardiovascular disease in female patients, as well as the role of hormones in cognition. Finally, the session will end with a comprehensive look at the role of sex hormones and autoimmunity to conclude the first day of the LAIC event.

Immune System Restoration 

Day 2 of the LAIC event will primarily focus on immune system restoration, covering subjects ranging from current concepts in mast cell activation syndrome to the role of cannabinoids in adaptive immunomodulation. World-renowned experts in the field will also delve into the transcriptomics of inflammation, updates in information medicine for the 21st century, the miracle molecule phosphatidylcholine and its role in cell membrane repair and rejuvenation, as well as the benefits of low dose naltrexone. Later on in the day, our faculty will discuss immunoregulatory peptides as well as other immunomodulatory natural compounds to conclude the Immune System Restoration session.

Speaker Spotlight

Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA 

Internationally recognized expert in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Andrew Heyman is the current Program Director of Integrative and Metabolic Medicine at The George Washington University. Prior to this position, he worked as an administrator for the University of Michigan Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Center, where he managed a $7 million NIH grant to research alternative therapies for cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Heyman’s research efforts focus on the stress response and neuroendocrinology, cardiometabolic disease, men’s health, and clinical outcome research methodologies. He is clinically active as the owner of a four-physician integrative medicine practice at the Virginia Center for Health and Wellness and serves as the President of Integrative Health Resources, a group of clinical experts that consults to physicians, health systems, and public health professionals seeking to develop targeted wellness, lifestyle, and nutrition programs. Dr. Heyman’s teaching method is  deeply rooted in scientific evidence, grounded in clinical reality, and readily accessible to both new learners and seasoned practitioners. 

Sahar Swidan, PharmD, BCPS 

Executive Director of Professional Development and Compliance for Slyngshot Health, Dr. Sahar Swidan also serves as President and CEO of Pharmacy Solutions in Ann Arbor, Michigan and as an adjunct professor at George Washington University, Wayne State, and Chicago State University. Before receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Dr. Swidan served as Director of Pharmacy at Chelsea Community Hospital. She is a board-certified advanced fellow in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. In addition, Dr. Swidan is a world-renowned speaker on pain management, headaches, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Swidan has published several chapters, articles, and patient education materials in general pain management and personalized medicine and brings key insight into areas of drug-related muscular pain and sarcopenia as well as the effects of hormones on the musculoskeletal system.

What Clinicians Can Expect

Clinicians attending the LAIC event can expect to obtain the most clinically current, relevant, and applicable knowledge in the field of integrative medicine. At the same time, participants will be learning revolutionary strategies targeted at promoting sustained health in the current environment and will retain access to a myriad of invaluable clinical resources for long-term learning.

Access to the Latest Clinical Education in Integrative Medicine

Participants will examine the most recent results from clinical research and unpack the most clinically relevant and valuable medical knowledge available. The LAIC event will cover a range of topics pertaining to longevity and healthy aging, ranging from neuroinflammation to immune system restoration techniques, giving attendees a comprehensive and extensive overview of the latest clinical education in integrative medicine.

1 Year of Online Access

After the conference, participants will still be able to access the entirety of the event – including session recordings, resources, and more – for an entire year to support long-term success.

Direct Engagement with World-Renowned Faculty

During the LAIC virtual event, participants will have the opportunity to interact with and learn directly from world-renowned leaders in the field via an interactive online chat. Attendees will be able to ask questions and receive expert answers in real-time throughout the conference.

Invaluable Resources for Your Practice

The LAIC conference will provide a wide variety of clinical resources, tools, and services while also directly connecting attendees with exhibitors through a live online chat as part of the Virtual Exhibit Hall. Attendees will be able to explore exhibitor booths virtually via the digital floor plan; they will be able to click booths for more information and links to diverse exhibitor materials.

Clinicians looking to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the latest clinical knowledge, advancements, and approaches to integrative medicine are invited to join other leading practitioners, researchers, and educators at the virtual Longevity, Aging, and Immuno Competency conference. There are a few spots left for our upcoming virtual experience, sign up here today to attend.