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Psychedelic Pearls: Revolutionary Insights from the Inaugural State Of-Mind Event, A4M's Psychedelic Medicine Training

Psychedelic Pearls: Revolutionary Insights from the Inaugural State Of-Mind Event

Experts in functional psychiatry and neuroscience, cofounders of specialty-leading companies, and pioneers in psychedelic-assisted therapy gathered in Miami, FL, at the start of the month to kick off A4M’s inaugural State Of-Mind: A New Era in Psychedelic Medicine conference. Joining them were hundreds of visionary practitioners eager to learn how to leverage the rising potential of psychedelic therapeutics to provide transformative mental health solutions that effectively meet their patients’ needs. 

Where conventional treatments had failed them before, psychedelic therapies — including ketamine, MDMA, psilocybin, and emerging compounds — have proven remarkably successful at treating depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, and other mental disorders. With impressive safety and efficacy profiles, as well as a notable lack of persistent side effects commonly associated with traditional pharmacologic interventions, this class of revolutionary treatments is rapidly shifting the paradigm of mental healthcare. 

This brand new course pioneered psychedelic medicine training for forward-thinking practitioners and featured a lineup of industry-leading experts and specialty visionaries, including Michelle Weiner, DO, MPH, Erin Amato, MD, Dave Rabin, MD, PhD, and many others. Renowned speakers provided groundbreaking insights into the latest research on using substances like psilocybin and MDMA to treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health conditions while exploring the complexities of crafting personalized treatment protocols for lasting outcomes.

We’re bringing you some of the key takeaways and important points from a selection of insightful lectures, giving you a sneak peek into the cutting-edge world of psychedelic medicine while equipping you with digestible pearls of knowledge. Get ready to discover the game-changing potential and therapeutic breakthroughs revolutionizing mental healthcare as we know it.

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The top 5 most cited takeaways from LongevityFest 2023

5 Most-Cited Takeaways From LongevityFest 2023

Settling into the new year is the perfect time to focus on renewal, renewing our commitment to delivering excellent care and patient outcomes, and leveraging every beneficial tool at our disposal. What better way to kick off 2024 than by highlighting key learnings around longevity, healthy aging, and improving our healthspans presented at 2023’s biggest anti-aging medicine event.

Throughout the four days of LongevityFest 2023, more than 120 acclaimed experts delivered upwards of 200 forward-thinking, thought-provoking, and, beyond all, practically relevant educational sessions.

The agenda was an unforgettable learning extravaganza for longevity science and anti-aging medicine enthusiasts. From delving into the exclusive insights of Blue Zone pioneer Dan Buettner to learning about insulin-like growth factor 1 and other vital components of healthy aging, thousands of dedicated health professionals in attendance were enriched with the latest knowledge and developments in the field.

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Women’s Health In Today’s Practice: 5 Cutting-Edge Takeaways From The Women’s Hormones Masterclass

“The best faculty, best providers, best patient outcomes. All based on science, experience, and care. “— Erika Schwartz, MD

As Erika Schwartz, MD, a global pioneer in disease prevention and hormone therapeutics, summarized in the quote above, the Everything About Hormone Health For Women masterclass was an incredible success. The February event gathered a group of forward-thinking health professionals who came to meet, learn from, and engage with acclaimed advanced endocrinology practitioners and educators.

Alongside a fun weekend in Boca Raton, FL, participants enjoyed three days of ground-breaking educational sessions led by top women’s health experts with invaluable expertise. Faculty members shared relevant and practical clinical insights for the modern practitioner committed to patient-centered care, making the experience empowering and informative.

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