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Nature Exposure for Health Benefits Quantified  

Nature exposure has long been correlated to improved mental wellbeing and physical health, able to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. A growing body of evidence implicates that greater exposure to or contact with natural environments can greatly benefit populations in high-income, largely urbanized societies, while merely living in a greener neighborhood has the potential to better health outcomes. Living in greener areas has been correlated to decreased risks of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and mental distress, as well as increased longevity and improved self-reported health.

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Adaptogens and Their Role in Optimizing Wellbeing

In the Eastern world, adaptogens have been used for centuries to treat an array of conditions ranging from the common cold to muscle soreness in fatigued soldiers. As the West continues to discover and adopt traditional practices in search of alternative medicinal compounds, the popularity and use of adaptogens have seen a marked increase in recent years. Derived from unique plants and herbs, these compounds offer widespread support in regulating hormonal systems; they help bring the imbalanced, stressed body back to equilibrium by allowing it to better adapt to biological and psychological stressors.

Throughout history, adaptogenic herbs have been used for their proven neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, anti-depressive, anxiolytic and CNS stimulating properties as well as their ability to adapt functions to an individual body’s specific needs. Their primary function is stress management through adrenal gland support, which helps manage hormonal responses to stress – the source of many chronic health conditions. However, each adaptogen carries additional therapeutic advantages, such as dopamine and serotonin-boosting properties, which contribute to beneficial effects on overall wellbeing.

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