Physician of the Month: Mark Bezzek, MD

A4M valued member Mark Bezzek, MD shares insight from his professional experience in this Physician of the Month feature.

Triple board certified in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Mark Bezzek has also served as a member of a special forces unit in the U.S. Air Force, reaching the rank of Major. Through his trips to Afghanistan and Iraq, Dr. Bezzek developed the tenacity necessary to set a goal, and bring it to fruition: bringing the same laser focus and work ethic to his current work of anti-aging product development.  During his 29 years of clinical practice, Dr. Bezzek has firsthand seen the need for a fresh perspective in the approach to anti-aging. He has created 7 new products, including a multivitamin supplement, a diabetes formulation, an eye health compilation, an anti-aging skin cream, and more–all of which have received patents from the U.S. Patent Office. 

Dr. Mark Bezzek

Q: What anti-aging techniques have you incorporated into your practice? And how did you do so?

I am big believer in using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the use of natural alternatives for anti-aging and degenerative diseases. Right now I am actively pursuing a more prominent role in stem cell treatment. I also strongly believe in the use of nutraceuticals in a preventative fashion as it relates to age.

Q: What are the benefits of practicing anti-aging medicine?

Because the baby boomer generation is now coming into their senior years, the demand has grown tremendously. Obviously, we all want to age more gracefully, to have large amounts of energy and to be able to continue to do our daily activities well into our 90’s, all while feeling great! We also want to prevent degenerative diseases such as arthritis so that you are able to lead a mobile, pain-free, productive life.

Q: What are the changes you see in your patients?

This absolutely relates back to the benefits of anti-aging medicine. When you can help a patient regain their energy, vitality, strength, vigor, and zest for life it truly warms my heart. After spending so many years in an emergency room, to work with anti-aging patients one-on-one and see their improvement in quality of life, it is very rewarding.

Q: Why would you recommend anti-aging medicine to your peers?

For the same reason I enjoy it – for the benefits to the patients you see on a daily basis, for the ability to grow a vital and dynamic business and for the chance to help patients achieve a healthier lifestyle well into their golden years.

Q: Where do you see the future of anti-aging medicine twenty years from now?

When I first started out in anti-aging some eight years ago, this field was viewed with a considerable amount of skepticism. Now the use of nutraceuticals is becoming more standard practice and sought after by most patients. I hope that twenty years from now there will have been even more advances in research, and that being of an advanced age is not considered a time to slow down but rather a time to continue to enjoy life. After all, in twenty years, I’ll be 78 myself!