Emerging Topics You Can’t Miss at the 27th Annual World Congress

With burgeoning research in the field of longevity and anti-aging medicine, as well as a growing understanding of disease pathophysiology, integrative medicine has witnessed many recent developments; from advances in sirtuin therapy to novel combinatorial regenerative applications of stem cells, the field continues to evolve at lightning speed. Staying clinically current and abreast of all of the latest education is imperative for clinicians looking to maintain an advantage and deliver optimal patient care. At the largest event in Anti-Aging Medicine, the 27th Annual World Congress, experts and industry leaders will delve into the most recent clinical data, newly discovered therapies, and emerging scientific advances. Providing a comprehensive anti-aging industry update, the three-day event will focus on delivering world-class education opportunities for physicians leading the mission to redefine modern medicine.

From the latest cannabidiol guidelines to new updates in peptide and hormone therapy strategies, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest topics in integrative medicine through an expertly curated agenda covering the latest developments within the field.  Attendees of the 27th Annual World Congress will experience a combination of unique programming, a diverse audience of thousands of fellow medical professionals, and a collaborative learning environment through which to learn how to implement the latest education into practice and help enhance the landscape of modern medicine.

Featured Topics:  

Novel Combinatorial Regenerative Applications

The field of regenerative medicine has generated increased interest from the medical community – as well as the public – as scientists continue to develop new methods of delaying aging and preventing disease through regenerative approaches. Stem cell and longevity research efforts have led to the discovery of a plethora of potential therapeutic modalities, such as replacing, repairing, or reprogramming diseased cells to treat a range of conditions – from cardiovascular disease and degenerative joint conditions to neurological abnormalities.

The study of stem cell extracellular vesicles (EVs) for their therapeutic benefits, has led to emerging research which implicates their ability to control inflammatory processes, accelerate skin cell proliferation, and improve angiogenesis – thus, ameliorating signs of aging. Further investigation has found stem cell therapy efficacious at inducing healing in animal studies, proposing a potential future approach to improved rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Additional research developments have revealed the benefits of intradiscal injections of bone marrow concentrate prior to surgical operations in patients with lumbar discogenic back pain and disability. This new knowledge has prompted further research into tissue engineering and other combinatorial regenerative applications while also sparking the discussion about the regulation and clinical use of products and cell-based therapies.

To learn more about novel strategies for reducing chronic pain and disability in patients and the latest developments in bioengineered stem cell therapies, attend Session 1: Highlights in Novel Combinatorial Regenerative Applications during Day 2 of the conference, during which health care leaders will discuss currently available knowledge in the field.

The Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Recent research has found cannabidiol oil to be an effective treatment option for arthritis and chronic pain, alongside its ability to alleviate symptoms of numerous other conditions. Despite its myriad of purported therapeutic benefits, CBD has experienced limited regulation thus far. The rapidly growing popularity of the compound has urged experts to provide clarity for usage, including guidelines for patients, appropriate dosages, and product recommendations tailored to individual-specific needs. Included in the latest advancements within the field of CBD treatment is new evidence supporting the benefits of a pharmacogenetic approach to patient care, taking into account genetic predisposition to predict health outcomes.

Current literature regarding the implementation of CBD into practice delineates regulations and dosage requirements, highlights personalizing cannabis therapy using genetics, and delves into targeted product selection for optimal patient outcomes.  Attendees can learn more at Session 2: Adequate Evidence? The Benefits of CBD during Day 1 of the World Congress.

Peptides and Aging

The burgeoning field of peptide science reveals the incredible potential of peptide therapies to rewire bodily chemistry relationships and support homeostasis. Recently published evidence reveals the benefits of peptides in the treatment of injuries, as well as in aging prevention, illness progression, and for enhancing peak performance.

As more is becoming known about the role of peptides, hormones, and cellular mechanisms involved in the aging process and disease development, these topics will be covered extensively during our pre-conference Peptides: Aging, Disease, and Metabolic Management of the Future workshop. Led by prominent peptides practitioner William Seeds, MD the event will take place on Thursday, December 12, 2019. The expert-curated agenda will cover peptides as natural signaling agents for improving body composition, lipid metabolism, their role in cardiovascular health, as well as neurogenesis among many other emerging topics.

In addition, 27th World Congress attendees will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the latest advancements in peptide therapies at the Peptides a Call to Action! Session and during Session 3: Interrelations-Reducing Risk and Promoting Homeostasis at the Peptides to Optimize Performance Outcomes event during Day 1.

Targeted Approaches to Chronic Pain

The advent of personalized medicine has inspired growing research efforts into the strategic avenues of care that can be achieved through targeted treatment plans. In the latest studies, personalized movement therapy has been proven to be more beneficial to patients suffering from lower back pain than generic physical therapy techniques. Combating movement control impairment in these patients can reduce disability while improving functional ability, and holds the potential to enhance the lives of millions. Meanwhile, further developments in the approaches to chronic pain underscore the benefit of integrated, holistic patient care throughout concussion recovery as compared with a standardized symptom relief approach.

During day 1 of the World Congress, attendees can explore the importance of personalized movement therapy for chronic pain, holistic approaches to concussion recovery, as well as prevention methods against brain deterioration at Session 5: Rehabilitation, Targeted Approaches to Brain and Pain.

Male Hormonal Health  

While hormonal health and targeted hormone therapies are not new topics in medicine, the investigation and discussion of male hormonal health has been lacking. Delving into research on the topic, health care professionals are beginning to realize the importance of male hormonal health and the implications of abnormalities that arise. Increasingly, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have grown in prevalence in everyday products ranging from water bottles to children’s toys, and their impacts are being felt on a large scale. The deleterious effects of EDCs on male hormonal health are becoming a growing topic of concern as their implications include reproductive dysfunctions and even infertility.

During day 3 of the World Congress, a panel of experts will delve deeper into the intricacies of male hormonal health, the role of endocrine disruptors, as well as present strategies for improving male patient hormonal health at Session 5: Evidence-Based Solutions in Men’s Health.

The largest event in integrative medicine, our Annual World Congress will be taking place for the 27th year from December 13-15, 2019 at the Venetian/Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. With an agenda engineered to maximize clinical education, the conference attracts a diverse global audience of leading health care practitioners and professionals looking to remain current in their field. Alongside world-class education specialized in integrative health and based on the most recent clinical research, attendees can experience an Exhibit Hall featuring hundreds of innovative companies spotlighting the latest products, devices, and services available. Those attending will join thousands of other  leading medical professionals seeking to optimize health outcomes, reform healthcare standards, and ultimately redefine the practice of modern medicine.