Reset Regimen: 3 Days To Change Your Body & Diet

World renowned integrative medicine expert Dr. David Perlmutter and registered dietitian Ashley Koff appeared on the Dr. Oz show today, presenting a three-day ‘reset’ regimen for the body, in addition to ways to avoid weight gain.

Perlmutter discussed the ways in which gluten threatens our gut bacteria: consumption of gluten often leads to leakiness of the gut, which subsequently causes inflammation—and, ultimately, weight gain. Moreover, although diet drinks have no sugar or calories, the artificial sweeteners in them have been proven to potentially double one’s risk of diabetes, and lead to weight gain.

In order to stave off holiday weight gain, Perlmutter articulated that science has demonstrated the body’s ability to reset itself in merely three days, which provides an opportunity for maintenance. This regimen can alter and decrease gut bacteria, effectively changing the body’s biome and allowing for increased overall health.

By eliminating processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and glutens, Perlmutter reveals that you can eat the carbs you want, while both eliminating weight gain and improving general health. Because leaky gut is the prototypic mechanism that leads to weight increases, a few simple changes in your diet can ultimately make all the difference!

Download the first chapter of Dr. Perlmutter’s new book, “The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan.”

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