The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine to hold Extended Medical Education Conference in San Diego June 5-8

Medical professionals from seven different countries, 37 different states in the union, and several different specialties in the medical field will convene at San Diego’s Marriott Hotel and Marina the second weekend in June for a continuing education conference on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Fellowship on Regenerative and Functional Medicine and Cancer modules, Sexual Health Certification, as well as Board Certification Exams. Doctors who are seeking to achieve their Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (FAARM), can attend several different modules during this three day event.

Different topics and objectives will include FAARM Module V: Clinical Intensives, Module XVI (B): Metabolic Cardiovascular Certification, Module XIX (C): Sports Medicine, Module XXI: Advanced Immune Therapies, and Module VI: Integrative Cancer Therapies.  In the Fellowship modules offered, speakers will discuss new nutritional treatments for several different conditions varying from cancer to depression to Alzheimer’s. Information will include the most up to date nutritional treatment modalities for more than 50 conditions.  Additionally, to understand and review treatments and factors of cardiovascular disease as well as review case histories and gain the ability to treat that particular studied patient the next day from a metabolic and anti-aging medicine approach.  Any sports medicine professional in attendance will discuss growth hormone in athletes, sports nutrition, hormonal influences as well as the effects of “ultra-exercising.”  Finally, life-style signaling including diet, physical activity, stress, sleep and the metabolic treatment approach to different conditions will be discussed  Module VI from the Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy,  will instruct doctors how to manage a full Integrative Cancer Therapy practice and teach about different therapies and treatments.  In the BHRT workshop, doctors will learn how to analyze medical evidence relating to hormone optimization, deficiency, replacement, adrenal fatigue, excesses, and case studies.

In the Sexual Health Certification, Jennifer Landa, MD, OBGYN, Sara Gottfried, MD and Michael Krychman, MDCM will lead discussions allowing attendees to learn how to diagnose, evaluate and treat sex health disorders. Treating sexual health issues when other medical conditions are involved is complex and theses speakers will educate other doctors on how to.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) offers exclusive membership to all medical professionals where they gain access to over two-decades of established medical expertise.  We are also dedicated to educating physician and scientists and are proud to be in our 21st year of providing first-class continuing education conferences on anti-aging issues, regenerative and functional medicine.  To further demonstrate our commitment to the future of medicine, the shared responsibility for patient outcomes and transforming health education through innovation, we offer Board Certifications and Fellowship Training Programs in various disciplines ranging from anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine to such disciplines as aesthetic medicine, skin cancer and stem cell therapy, in order to lead the industry by establishing best practice standards in these areas.