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November Partner of the Month: Karger

Get to know an Editor-in-Chief: Brant E. lsakson (Journal of Vascular Research)

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was raised in the middle part of the United States, which is predominantly flat farmland. Even though I live on the East Coast of the US now, I am still nostalgic for that part of the US. I enjoy reading history, playing with my kids, coffee, and working outside.

2. You are a professor of molecular physiology and biological physics and part of an ambitious interdisciplinary research effort to understand how cells communicate. How did you become interested in your field?

I first became interested in cell-cell communication while an undergraduate student. I took an independent study class on endocrinology and thought it was fantastic! Because of this class, I applied to graduate school and worked on calcium signaling and gap junctions between cell types with Dr. Scott Boitano for my PhD, and further focused on heterocellular communication between the endothelium and smooth muscle during my post-doc with Dr. Brian Duling. Both professors were quite instrumental in fostering my passion for the topic. I have been hooked ever since, and cellular communication remains the essential theme of my lab.

3. Which other exciting developments are currently taking place in the field?

From a very biased perspective based on my science, I see purinergic signaling having a resurgence of interest and activity with a lot of high-impact work coming out in the pannexin and CALHM channel fields. Although the receptors for purinergic signaling have been known for some time, how the purinergic signal escapes the cell has been unknown. The discovery of non-red blood cell hemoglobin and its potential physiological roles has also been quite interesting.

4. What advice would you give to someone just starting their career?

Create your own niche and do something different, i.e., focus on being creative. I am an advocate of not following the canonical pathway, in life or science! Science can get weighed down by dogmatic assumptions. It’s your job to break free from those assumptions and make the novel discoveries.

5. What do you feel makes the Journal of Vascular Research special in the publishing landscape and are there papers you would like to see submitted to JVR?

JVR is one of the oldest journals dedicated to vascular research. The journal is run by active researchers who understand how important quality and reproducible science is to the scientific community to move forward. In terms of papers I would like to see in JVR, my preference would be for manuscripts with novel ideas that push the boundaries of our current vascular biology using new technology or testing new concepts. New methods, especially genetic models, would also be of great interest to JVR.

Brant E. Isakson, PhD
Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Resident Faculty of the Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center, UVA School of Medicine Pinn Scholar, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Partner of the Month: The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM)

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) provides a service to the field of alternative and integrative medicine by educating the public with cutting edge information through collaboration with experts in the field and by assisting researchers and practitioners in research evaluating promising therapies and theories in natural health care.  The FAIM website serves as an umbrella for experts in all areas listed in the website Health Topics to share the latest in natural medicine.  This information is offered free to the public at large.

FAIM strives to promote education and research in the areas of new frontiers in science and technology in natural health care.  This would include health related discoveries which hold promise and efficacy.  FAIM publishes these reports on the FAIM website and communicates the research findings reaching the public and professionals.

Research of technologies that are sometimes considered unconventional, still hold the potential of contributing to the paradigm shift in medicine and thus offer a platform to be researched to confirm efficacy.  Documenting these technologies offers a service to natural health care and the future.

Progress in the field of complementary and alternative medicine is frustratingly slow. This is due, in part, to practitioners who lack preliminary data beyond patient testimonials. Slow progress may also be attributed to limited financial resources and inadequate research capacity.  Therefore, FAIM provides a service to the field by assisting researchers and practitioners in collecting outcome data.

FAIM is committed to research to obtain the most valuable data. Knowing the limitations of research due to funding restrictions, FAIM is developing collaborations with research facilities nationally and internationally where it can conduct research on therapies and technologies. In the case of international collaborations, the research would benefit the country from the knowledge revealed.  This research could lead the way towards real breakthroughs in world health.  FAIM is eager to collaborate with groups within and outside the U.S. who have the research capacity and interest in advancing investigations of non-toxic, innovative, and cost-effective therapies for conditions with a large public health impact.


Public and Professional Education

Collaborate with experts in the field to disseminate accurate and reliable information on natural health care therapies, theories, technologies, and principles through the FAIM website, FAIM Facebook page, and other avenues.


Search the world for effective, nontoxic, and low-cost alternative medical therapies with the assistance of National and International Resource Coordinators.  Attend conferences and do site visits so as to investigate the latest in natural health care options.


Participate in research with medical facilities, laboratories, foundations, hospitals, and universities for the development of studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of a therapy or technology and document outcome data.


Disseminate information aligned with our mission on new frontiers in science and medicine through published research, the FAIM website, and FAIM Facebook page and encourage adoption of cost effective therapies.

For more information go to www.faim.org

Meet Our August Partner of the Month: Vumedi

VuMedi is the largest video education platform for doctors. A comprehensive resource with over 30,000 videos from medical institutions including Cleveland Clinic, UCSF, Stanford, Columbia and other globally recognized institutions. 450,000 doctors use the platform to educate themselves and ensure they are up to date on practice changing medical advances. VuMedi’s mission is to help clinicians make optimal patient care decisions through comprehensive video education from a variety of trustworthy institutions and practitioners.

VuMedi builds a robust video-sharing community by partnering with doctors, hospitals, meetings and societies to allow for the rapid dissemination of groundbreaking medical information.  VuMedi engages doctors who are publishing cutting edge research, allowing them to distribute their findings quickly to other clinicians around the world, who then take the learnings and apply them as needed across their practices.

VuMedi takes great pride in the trust placed by the medical community in the content we provide. The content is paired with the ability for our technology to target the right communities through a unique, proprietary algorithm paired with a human “education” team of subject matter experts.   Physicians who need to access new topics and research can easily find multiple points of view on the exact subject they are looking to better understand.

VuMedi was founded at the University of California, Berkeley by Roman Giverts. In the ensuing decade, it has focused on ensuring authentic content is delivered in the right way and at the right time to help the medical community deliver the best patient care.  It’s why today, doctors trust VuMedi to provide clinically relevant, succinct presentations of data in a compressed and categorized footprint.

Interested in joining VuMedi’s physician community?  Visit us at www.vumedi.com

Interested in contributing content or partnering at the hospital, meeting society level?  Send us a note [email protected]

*Disclaimer: there is no cost for either of the above!!