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What is Anti-Aging?

When a lot of people first hear the term “anti-aging,” more often than not, they think about Botox, implants, and plastic surgeons. Which, in some cases might be accurate but more so aesthetic medicine than anti-aging. However, when it comes to anti-aging medicine more appropriate associated terms could be longevity, preventive, life extending, alternative.

Anti-aging doesn’t necessarily mean taking pills and injections to look and feel younger, it’s about a lifestyle change. A healthy lifestyle not only keeps one looking young and feeling great, it waves off age related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Going for a walk instead of watching TV, having a serving of veggies instead of fries, and spending more time with friends and family could cut inches from your waist, add years to your life, and keep you off any unwanted emotional down spirals. Anti-aging also means researching ways to prevent or halt age related diseases in their tracks.

The anti-aging medical model aims to both extend lifespan as well as prolong health span- the length of time that we are able to live productively and independently.

Of course, some of the science aspects to anti-aging medicine may at times, get controversial with topics involving stem cell research and gene mutation, so on and so forth. So, as we see, anti-aging has a broad spectrum of associated ideas that are scientific, evidence-based and well-documented by peer-reviewed journals. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to “what is anti-aging?”

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A4M Travels back to LA for Gut/Brain Symposium!

Are you a General Practitioner, RN, NP, Nutritionist, or Family Practice Physician? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t miss this educational opportunity. For the first time in over two years, A4M is heading back to Los Angeles!

A4M’s Gut/ Brain Symposium will take place August 16-17 at the JW Marriott- LA Live, in Los Angeles, CA. This two-day meeting is worth 15.5 CME credits and will provide attendees with the most up-to-date information and educational materials regarding the links between food and disease manifestations. Discussions will focus on GI and neurological disorders, as well as the effects food related disorders have on major organ systems in the body.

After completing this course, practitioners will understand the connections between the GI and nervous systems, diagnostic tests and clinical tools, and new areas of research.

The weekend conference features expert and well- known speakers including William Davis, MD, Alessio Fasano, MD, and David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM, among others.

Dr. Davis is a cardiologist, author of a New York Times Bestseller, and Medical Director and founder of the Track Your Plaque program for prevention and reversal of heart disease. Dr. Fasano serves as Division Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at Mass General Hospital for Children. Dr. Perlmutter is a Board Certified Neurologist, Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and Medical Director of the Perlmutter Health and Hyperbaric Centers in Naples, Florida.

Every medical professional can improve their patients’ well-being by attending this Gut/Brain Symposium. To learn more, please visit

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American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) to host Continuing Medical Learning Conference in Chicago June 28-30, 2013

75 doctors from 25 states and 4 countries will join A4M’s FAARM program the last weekend in June for the Advanced Endocrinology Certification. This stimulating program will feature lectures by esteemed medical experts focusing on advanced insulin therapies and the role of botanicals in relation to pregnancy. Another big emphasis will be on hormones and how they affect different parts of the body due to aging.

Main course objectives include how to identify and treat adrenal dysfunction, how stress affects the cardiovascular system, insulin resistance, immune system dysfunction, neurotransmitter balance, hormone balance, and thyroid function. Also included are hormone changes caused by aging in men and women, how the adrenal system affects sex hormones and hormone replacement.

Some topics to be discussed include Gary Huber, DO sharing female hormone case studies. Pam Smith, MD, MPH will cover hormones and the memory, hormones and the cardiovascular system, vitamin D and breast health, menopausal and herbal therapies for women, as well as other various women’s health issues ranging from Fibrocystic Breast Disease to fertility challenges. Elizabeth Stuller, MD will discuss clinical applications of psychoneuroimmunology, various case studies including neuroimaging, psychotropic medications, nutraceuticals, and illicit drug abuse. Lastly, David Zava, PhD will examine Estrogen metabolism and the risk of developing breast cancer.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) offers exclusive membership to all medical professionals where they gain access to over two-decades of established medical expertise.  We are also dedicated to educating physicians and scientists and are proud to be in our 21st year of providing first-class continuing education conferences on anti-aging issues, regenerative and functional medicine.  To further demonstrate our commitment to the future of medicine, the shared responsibility for patient outcomes and transforming health education through innovation, we offer Board Certifications and Fellowship Training Programs in various disciplines ranging from anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine to such disciplines as aesthetic medicine, skin cancer and stem cell therapy, in order to lead the industry by establishing best practice standards in these areas.

For more information on this “can’t miss” event, please visit



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