Sexual Dysfunction: Progress and Advancement

While the field of sexual dysfunction is fluid and ever-changing, sexual problems continue to be exceptionally prevalent among both men and women. Approximately 10% of women suffer from HSDD—Hypoactive sexual desire disorder—which is characterized by a lack of desire for sexual activity.

Recent research has progressively developed in an attempt to understand both the epidemiology and diagnostic concerns of these conditions, in addition to providing new therapeutic possibilities.

Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet can be advantageous in improving sexual function. Interestingly, the key factors of enhancing sexual health are maintaining a normal BMI (which reduces risk factors for cardiovascular disease), improving overall heart health, and decreasing obesity.

Learn more about the ways that testosterone affects sexual function, the link between sexuality and nutrition, in addition to clinical studies and trials that have shed light upon sexual dysfunction and potential treatment options.  Deliver cutting-edge research to your patients while improving their lives, driving your own practices, and increasing revenue.

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