Practice Management Spotlight- August

Once a month, we will be doing a spotlight on A4M’s upcoming Practice Management Certification Program. Part 1 will take place as a pre-conference workshop at the Las Vegas conference December 12, 2013. Part 2 will be in Orlando, May of 2014. An exam will follow each day of the course, successful completion will result in the achievement of a Certification in Medical Business Management from The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

There is far more to a successful medical practice than diagnosing and treating patients. Both brand new and veteran practices can benefit from this course and will walk away confidently knowing the A-Z’s of opening and maintaining a thriving Anti-Aging practice.

Topics covered in this certification course will include: business operations, financial management, marketing & communications, website creation, human resource management, information management, organizational governance-legal, patient care systems, quality management, and risk management.


-Business Operations
-Financial Management

Business Operations:
A medical practice may not be thought of as a typical business by many outside the profession, however medical practices need proper organization and business operations just as much, if not more than other businesses. Doctors care for other people’s lives, making business operations very crucial.

Topics to be covered within the course:
1. Develop, implement, and monitor business operation plans
2. Develop, implement and oversee systems for the purchase of materials and equipment
3. Manage facilities planning and maintenance activities
-Design, layout to ensure efficient work flow, storage, patient flow and patient safety
-Utility requirements and maintenance inspection schedules
-Regulatory compliance OSHA and ADA
5. Organization and Operations of a Medical Group Practice

Financial Management:
Every business; whether industrial, technological, or medical; needs correct financial management in order to function properly.

Topics to be covered within the course:
1. Develop and implement the organization’s budget
2. Understand types of accounting- financial, tax and managerial
3. Understand budgeting
4. Oversee accounts payable and accounts receivable
5. Depreciation
6. Understand accounting software systems
7. Capital financing
8. Payroll
9. Analyze and monitor financial performance
10. Insurance carriers/ negotiations
11. Coding
Stay tuned for next month’s spotlight on what to expect from this special and beneficial pre-certification program.

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